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Working with migrants and refugees - why do

we need cultural competence?

November 4th, 2022

14:00 CET
(Central European Time)

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“Working with migrants and refugees – why do we need cultural competence?”

November 4th, 2022 at 14:00 CET

New York



San Diego

Paris, Rome


With increasing globalization and movement of people across national boundaries due to more frequent conflicts and disasters, it is important for service providers to become aware of the various needs of the patients they look after. This implies that psychiatrists and patients are more likely than ever to come from different cultural backgrounds. The inclusion of cultural competence into psychiatric-psychotherapeutic training and practice is therefore a matter of growing relevance. It is inevitable that patients will present to clinical settings with diverse clinical needs, and it must be kept in mind that immigrants and refugees are a heterogeneous group in a number of ways. Cultural competency represents good clinical practice with the goal that all patients, especially those from migration and refugee groups, feel acknowledged and supported. Similarly, when minority clinicians are not aware of the majority culture, conflicts may arise. Cultural competency focuses on skills that a clinician can employ to understand the cultural values, attitudes, and behaviors of patients, especially those whose cultural background differs from that of the mental health professional. Cultural competency does not require that the clinician learn the language or adopt the cultural values of a patient, but rather it involves respecting differences and making sure that these are bridgeable so that they do not negatively impact upon the diagnostic and therapeutic process.   

In this webinar, we will focus on cultural competence and discuss why it is needed in working with migrant and refugee patients.


Prof. Afzal Javed, President of the WPA

President World Psychiatric Association (WPA)
Consultant Psychiatrist (UK and Pakistan)
Honorary Professor. Institute of Applied Health Research, University of Birmingham, UK
Honorary Clinical Associate Professor, Warwick Medical School, University of Warwick, UK
Chairman Pakistan Psychiatric Research Centre, Fountain House, Lahore, Pakistan

Prof. Meryam Schouler-Ocak

Professor of Intercultural Psychiatry and Psychotherapy
Psychiatric University Clinic of Charité at St. Hedwig Hospital in Berlin, Germany Chair of Section on Transcultural Psychiatry of World Psychiatric Association
Board member of World Association of Cultural Psychiatry
Honorary member of World Psychiatric Association

Prof. Roberto Lewis-Fernández

Past-President of the World Association of Cultural Psychiatry (WACP)
Professor of Clinical Psychiatry, Columbia College of Physicians & Surgeons, Director, Center of Excellence for Cultural Competence, New York State Psychiatric Institute, Research Area Leader, Anxiety, Mood, Eating and Related Disorders, New York State Psychiatric Institute, Director, Hispanic Treatment Program, New York State Psychiatric Institute, Lecturer on Global Health and Social Medicine, Harvard University, President-elect, American Psychopathological Association

Dr. Hans Rohlof

Board member and Treasurer of the World Association of Cultural Psychiatry (WACP)
Board member and Treasurer of the Dutch Division of Transcultural Psychiatry, Secretary of the Johannes Wier Foundation on Health Care and Human Rights, Former Chair of the Section on Transcultural Psychiatry of the World Psychiatric Association (WPA-TPS), Consultant Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist, M.D., Ph.D. Transparant GGZ, Transparant Mental Health Institute

Prof. Ahmet Tamer Aker

Istanbul Bilgi University, Trauma and Disaster Mental Health Department, Faculty Member.
Trauma Studies; Specialist in psychotraumatology

Dr. Margaret Uddin Ojeahere

Consultant Psychiatrist at Jos University Teaching Hospital
Psychiatrist with special interests in children and adult mental health, mental health of vulnerable groups, biological psychiatry, community and global mental health


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